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G7th Heritage Banjo Capo

Standard neck width to fit 5 string and tenor banjos.

This traditional yoke-style capo for standard-neck banjos is made from hand-polished stainless steel and for the very first time features groundbreaking G7th Adaptive Radius Technology (A.R.T.) - now finely honed to perfection.

A.R.T. adapts to any neck and any fret on it, constantly able to change its radius, infinitely adjusting to match YOUR instrument, for unrivalled, in-tune and buzz-free capoing.

Features include a secure latching top bar, knurled tension adjustment knob, silicon neck pad and silicon side guards to protect your instrument’s neck from metal to wood contact.

​Heritage capos are available for guitar and banjo in two neck widths (standard and wide) and come either in hand-polished Stainless Steel or with a variety of engraving options.

Comes complete with leather carrying pouch, polishing cloth and gift box.

Version Banjo (standard neck width)
Colour Hand-polished stainless steel, plus various engraving options
Adjustable Tension Yes
Stores behind nut Yes
Adaptive Radius Technology (A.R.T.) Yes
Weight 29g / 1.0oz
Size and shape Slim and subtle U-shaped yoke that fits closely to the neck.
Max fingerboard width 1 7/16" (36mm)
Max neck depth 1" (25mm)
Warranty Free Lifetime Warranty