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The all-new "Listening-In Evaluation System"

The all-new "Listening-In Evaluation System"

We are excited to launch our newest product, and our first that isn’t a capo!

With the huge changes that are happening in the entertainment industry it is both very easy to release new music and very difficult to make a career out of being a musician. G7th would like to make these things a little easier…

app screen for display small.pngNick Campling (G7th inventor) and the G7th design team have created an app for your smartphone that will listen to your playing and send small clips off to a database for analysis. The “Listening-In Evaluation System” (known as LIES) will then remove background noise and analyse the clips, search for matches in existing songs to determine if you’re playing a straight cover, a re-imagined cover, or an original song, then score the quality of your playing and decide whether it’s worth passing on to our network of record companies, talent scouts, producers, high-profile artists and writers looking for new people to work with – we call them the Talent Watching International Team of Scouts (or TWITS).

If your music scores highly enough then LIES will be sent to the TWITS and your song could be on your way to fame and fortune!

The app is very simple to use once downloaded: simply turn it on, place your phone near your guitar or amp, and play! The files that are sent away are highly compressed and so won’t use much of your data, and can also be used over a Wi-Fi network. And best of all, the app is free!

All music will be the property of the musician, and G7th will make sure that any information sent through LIES is tracked and monitored so it cannot be misused by the TWITS.

Further questions please email us at

Download the LIES app here.

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