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Dave Arcari

Name Dave Arcari
Genre Blues
Capo(s) used Performance 1, Newport
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"Dave plays like he got his skin turned inside out and pretty soon my skin was
inside out too listening and it was all good. That boy bleeds for you –
he a real down deep player and a soul man..." SEASICK STEVE

SLIDE guitarist & songwriter Dave Arcari’s alt.blues sounds owe as much to trash country, punk and rockabilly as they do pre-war Delta blues and have been showcased via eight internationally-acclaimed solo CD releases.

Official showcases at SxSW in Austin, Texas were a highlight of Arcari’s month-long tour of the southern US states in March 2015 and follows successful US tours in 2013 and 2014.

A new album – Givers & Takers – is scheduled for release in Autumn 2015. His last release – Whisky in my Blood – was released on Finnish record label Blue North in March 2013. As well as showcasing Arcari’s trademark National steel guitars, the release features performances on banjo, regular guitar and and cigar box which help capture the full breadth of Arcari’s song-writing and performance.

Arcari’s festival appearances include Glastonbury (UK), BluesAlive (Czech Republic & Poland shows), Moulin Blues (Netherlands), The Great British R&B Festival and Peer Festival (Belgium). He has also played industry showcases at the North by North East (NxNE) music festival in Toronto, Canada and he was a finalist the UK Indy Music Awards reaching the top four in his category (best male solo artist).

With a busy live schedule in the UK plus regular shows in USA, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Ireland Arcari is one of the hardest gigging live artists on the circuit.

A series of shows with folks including Steve Earle, Alabama 3, Seasick Steve, Toby Keith and Jon Spencer along with his relentless UK and European tour schedule have established Arcari as a formidable international solo performer who is fast building a media reputation as a 'hell-raising National guitar madman'.

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