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Dario Palazzo

Name Dario Palazzo
Genre Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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Artists biography

Dario Palazzo is a guitarist and tutor from Hamilton, Scotland. After picking up the guitar at the age of 12, Dario knew that being a musician was a path that he would like to follow. Now, eleven years on, Dario has graduated with a BMus Hons degree in Music Performance from Kingston University, London, and has been involved in various musical endeavours across the UK and further afield. Having studied under the guidance of guitarists such as Simon Harris, Robin Robertson, Scott Hannah and Malcolm MacFarlane, Dario has gained a lot of knowledge in various aspects of guitar playing and is now passing this knowledge on to his students. 

Dario is currently working for Rookie Rockstars, a music organisation that promotes an anti-bullying ethos throughout schools. As part of this organisation, Dario is a resident guitar tutor, helping in excess of 50 students a week to learn the guitar. 

As well as being a tutor, Dario performs live through weekly gigs in a range of different settings and styles. 

Dario is currently playing with Scottish folk fusion band Eriska, alongside various acts such as Larissa Currie and function band, Studio.