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Jolina Carl

Name Jolina Carl
Genre Country
Capo(s) used Newport, Nashville, Performance 1
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During a family party in Cologne, Germany, a special musical career began. Jolina Carl discovered an old guitar and her love for music. Many years of self-study on guitar and vocals followed, as well as various bands, different styles of music, vocal trainings and countless stage performances.
Meanwhile Jolina Carl belongs to the most successful country music artists in Europe. She is the winner of many national and international music awards.
During her album productions, Jolina worked with musicians of the first rank in Nashville. For her latest album “Shades Of Love” Jolina could persuade national and international major songwriters to write songs for her, reflecting her own idea of American country music. The selection reaches from gentle country ballad via traditional sounds with typical country elements up to Southern Rock.
Even beyond the borders of Germany Jolina Carl is well known. She was the first and only German artist at the legendary “National Cowboy Symposium” in Lubbock, Texas, where she was considered by local musicians, initially more than critical. However, it soon became clear, that this German country singer lives and loves the American country music. Also in Nashville, Tennessee people know Jolina Carl. She was one of the five best female vocalists and the only german artist in the final round of the "Nashville Universe Awards"
Everybody who have seen Jolina Carl during a live performance, knows that she is singing with passion. As a trained singer, Jolina is speaking through her music with the audience. She convinces people with a lot of charm, charisma und a wide repertoire of music. Whether with a soulful country ballad written by herself, with a traditional classic, or a hard rock song, Jolina knows how to control her voice.